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About us

Welcome to Pery Labradors, a quality AKC labrador breeder offering labrador puppies for sale. We strive to produce beautiful labrador puppies with sweet family temperaments in excellent health. All dogs were screened by the kids and me for family temperaments before adding them to our breeding program! All of our breeding dogs are AKC registered! We researched high and low across the great USA and Canada for breeding dogs when we started our program years ago to bring in the best lineage to create our beautiful lines.

We have sold our beautiful quality puppies all over the United States and Canada, so distance is usually not an issue.

labradors hold a special place in our hearts. They are the sweetest and funniest dogs around! And once you get one, you will of course want more! They are like kids, no two are the same but each and everyone will bring a smile to your face, and always attempt to brighten their humans day! labradors are a good heartwarming addiction…you can never have just one! But don’t worry….we won’t ever judge you!!!

All of our puppies are raised like children…spoiled ROTTEN! They are all played with daily. We do have kennels to separate dogs for breeding times and dogs in heat, however, our dogs are never left up in kennels all day. Some leave them caged up all the time, it is sad. Our dogs have large yards and they are let out to run during the day. They will come back smelling like a skunk. a few acrobatically climb up in the trees trying to catch the cat. a few of our dogs like to lounge indoors on the couch all day, some like to hunt and swim ALL day! New litters are always raised indoors and are interacted with daily! All of our puppies receive superior medical care and are ALL vet checked before leaving our home. We make sure all our puppies receive excellent nutrition, get daily socialization, and are wormed and up to date on vaccinations before leaving.

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